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What Should I Do If a Dog Bites Me On The Beach?

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You are out enjoying a great time on the beach, and out of nowhere, a dog bites you resulting in a trip to urgent care. In that case, you might be wondering what to do next. Who is responsible for your emergency medical treatment, the costs of prescription drugs, and permanent scarring you may experience. This post will shed some light on what you should do after a dog bite on the beach in Santa Monica.

Steps to Follow After a Dog Bite on the Beach

Knowing the steps to follow after a dog bite can be crucial to your health and the legal action you might want to take. Here’s what you should do:

  • Seek medical attention- If the dog bite caused puncture wounds or more severe injuries, you need to get medical attention immediately. The dog may not have been vaccinated from rabies, or the wound may be exposed to infections. It is advisable to take pictures of the wounds to document the harm caused.
  • Identify the dog owner- Like car accidents, you need to identify the dog owner and exchange information to reach out to them after the incident. The information you should collect include the caretaker’s or the owner’s name, contact information, and home address. If possible, you may also need to collect some details about the dog, such as its breed.
  • Report the incident- It is advisable to report the dog bites to the State’s Department of Health. The officers will isolate the dog for 14 days to check whether it is rabid.
  • File a report with animal control- Not much is done to the dog if it bites you for the first time. If the dog has previously bitten other people, the animal control department may take it away from its owner. Filing a report with animal control helps minimize future dog attacks on our beaches.
  • File a lawsuit- The liability for a dog bite lies on the dog owner. Unlike in other lawsuits, you don’t have to prove that the dog owner or the caretaker was negligent. After filing the lawsuit, the jury will determine how much compensation to pay for medical expenses, disabilities, disfigurement, or pain and suffering.

Do I need a Dog Bite Attorney?

Dog bites on the beach happen all the time in Santa Monica. At Schwimer Weinstein, we have extensive experience handling dog bite settlements, insurance claims, and lawsuits. Our lawyers will defend your rights to ensure you receive rightful compensation. An experienced lawyer will ensure you receive compensation for lost income, pain and suffering, medical bills, earning potential, and other expenses.

Explore Your Legal Options With a Santa Monica Dog Bite Attorney

Have you suffered injuries from a dog bite but do not know where to start? At Schwimer Weinstein, our dog bite attorneys will offer the legal support you need to ensure you get rightful compensation. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about how we can help you with your dog bite case.

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